Friday, February 26, 2016

Justice Day 226 and Justice Week Events

Trayvon Martin 2/5/1995-2/26/2012

A Boy with a Hoodie Walks Home

On February, 26, 2012, a young boy took a walk to the store to buy Skittles and Arizona ice tea for his little brother. On his way out of the store,he put on his hoodie and proceeded to walk home. Nevertheless, he was unaware of the danger that was about to unfold. He was being followed by a Neighborhood Watchman name George Zimmerman only because he had on a hoodie and looked suspicious. This little boy was only minding his own business and trying to get home.
But, he never made it. Instead, his body fell down in the alley, with a gunshot wound to the chest, blood spilling into the alley along with his Skittles that his brother never received.
This young boy was considered a threat because he was black, wore a hoodie and was labeled a thief, a thug, a gangster and perhaps other demeaning terms.
Let's remember the story of a boy who took his Last Walk! But also let's share the movement and recognize that Justice has Failed and continue to FAIL our people.
Although he is dead at 17, JUSTICE still has not  been served. Many others are waiting for JUSTICE to be served for them as well.
Let us remember those who are still fighting for JUSTICE:

Do your part....Share the Skittles Movement and perform a Random Act of Kindness and give skittles and just tell people to help fight for justice for all Americans. Justice for All!
On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin, took his last walk home!!

 Let us continue to walk for him and for many others who can't walk for themselves. 
Lets Walk for our YOUTH!
Let's Walk to STOP Gang Violence!
Let'ts Walk to put an end to Bullying Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender Youth!
Let's Walk to put an end to Bullying Youth with Disabilities!
Lets Walk to END Bullying to all Youth!
Let's Walk to STOP Racial Profiling!
Let's Walk for Women's Rights!
Let's Walk for Equality!
Let's Walk to END Prison REFORM!!
Let's Walk to STOP Preschool To Prison PIPELINE!!
Let's Walk to Change HATE with LOVE!
Join us in Justice Week!!
Justice Day Candle Light Vigil Tonight at 6pm

Justice Day Panel Discussion:
Protecting Our Next Generation of Youth
Through Resources For Living
Saturday February 27 at 10 AM-11AM

Justice Day Peace March 2pm

Lets share Skittles and Conversation with youth and others in our neighborhoods and help them to understand Gang Violence, Bullying and let's Change HATE to LOVE!

Peace, Justice & Love!
Justice Week 2016 Committee:
Michel Rangel, Irvin Camacho, Anna Stitt, Fernando Garcia, Tina Gaston, Gladys Tiffany, Justine Morgan Turnage, Leora Jackson.