Saturday, January 17, 2015

A New Year, New Networking

A New Year and New Networking

January 16, 2015

By Leora Jackson, Editor, Blogger

Over 25 people showed up for a Social Networking Event at Theo’s  in Rogers Thursday night with the emphasis on professional  and social  networking and to help new residents with getting to know others in the community.

Shurla Jobe, Coordinator of the Social Networking event said, “It was a great turnout. I had invited more, but a few couldn’t come due to other engagements.”

Many people were part of Wal-Mart working class, and a few were from other professions. One lady was in between jobs and came to network to help with possible job leads.

“I am enjoying this networking event and have met some people tonight that would help me to get my resume to the right hands, I hope,” said Hannah Spivey.

The atmosphere of Theo’s allowed for the group to sit and mingle, enjoy beverages and appetizers while other individuals had a chance to walk around and share stories with people who come from different locations.

“I am from Savannah, GA.” said Ebony, “and I have been here for 2 years and I enjoy these networking opportunities.”  

“I have been here 6 years and I know we need more networking opportunities like this, said Nequa from Louisiana. 

Some people, who were singles in the area, were also scouting the crowd for other singles in hopes of establishing new friendships which could lead to new relationships. 

Out of the 25 people that showed up, 6 were male and 19 were female, which is a 1 to 25 ratio according to Leora Jackson, Single Life of NWA Blogger. 

“Statistics shows that for every 1 Professional Black Male, there are 25 Black Professional females, 50 white females and 10 gay men, all fighting for his attention. Black Professional Males are becoming an Endangered Species and Black Professional women are usually left alone,” she said.

 Jobe and other volunteers for the Social Networking Event recognized the disparity, but the plan is for social networking only, and singles events would be created at a later time. A survey will be conducted and shared with the attendees from Thursday night’s event. 

When asked when the next Social Networking event would be, Jobe said she is working on making some connections soon and will let people know.  She understands that social networking is a much needed event and more is to come.

For more information on the next social networking event, please contact