Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Diversity Task Force Leadership Series: Men Leading Men

A Focus on Leadership
by: Leora Jackson

Diversity Task Force (DTF) of Fort Smith is focused on building more leaders in the community. With a shortage of young people helping to step up in the forefront of leadership roles, the older generation feel a need to pass on the torch, but there are not many young leaders willing to help out.

The focus of DTF which is a grassroots movement, is to help recruit and train new people to help with initiating and taking charge of issues or concerns that are important to them in the community. Issues of lack of diversity in the Fort Smith School System, Lack of blacks on the Police & Fire Department and lack of Entreneurs or Black Business Owners. 

Hebron Franklin 

There is also a need for men to step up and take charge in more roles other than sports. Youth are looking for mentors to help teach life skills, guidance and providing inspiration and encouragement or anything to keep them off the drug/alcohol, or school dropout path. 

Same thing for young girls as well, but moreso, there should be education of parents on these matters too. 

On June 26, 2017 at 6 pm at the McGill Center, mentors from The Future School of Fort Smith, Joel Releford, Jr and Hebron Franklin will lead a leadership series on Men Mentoring Men. Anyone is invited to come and listen to these men talk about mentoring, leadership, drug prevention, bullying, life skills and more.
Joel Releford Jr. 

We need more Men and Women to step up to lead. Come and join DTF Leadership series. We need more leaders to speak and more leaders to Lead!