Sunday, January 18, 2015

Uplift You Today by John Bell


Uplift You Today is an awesome blog with spiritual concepts and biblical principles that can apply to anyone today. 

John Bell is the writer of this blog and has been sharing and inspiring followers since he created his blog. He is an avid servant of God and his message will keep you focused, inspired and drive you to look deep into yourself to pull out and do your very best for God.

I enjoy reading his blogs and I am sure you will too!

Please feel free to email him and contact him through his blog. Follow him and subscribe to it. You will find yourself getting a little UPLIFTING TODAY!

Uplift You Today Blog

John Bell's Bio: I'm young man dedicated to being a servant of God by uplifting others through positive messages and encouraging spiritual growth. As I grow in my relationship in Christ, I wish to inspire others to do the same. Not only is my blog designed for others, but it is also to here to provide accountability for myself in my journey. Feel free to comment on the blog or email me at