Saturday, November 29, 2014

From Kindergarten to CEO

Fictional Story By Leora Jackson

 Leroy Walker, age 5 born in Pittsburgh, PA. Jose Martinez, age 5 born in Austin, TX, Matthew McMahan, age 5 born in Seattle, WA, Wang Chu, age 5 born in St. Louis, MO.

All 4 boys attended public school. After High School, 2 of the boys received Full Scholarship to their college of choice; however Leroy and Jose had to take a few remedial math & English classes to help them.

During College life, 3 of the boys had an opportunity to work in their family business. Jose worked at his Grandfathers restaurant, Fiesta Tiempo as a cook/Host/Asst. Manager. Matthew worked at his dad’s law office as a PT paralegal for extra money and sometimes tutors fellow classmates for extra cash. Wang Chu, worked at his Dads Computer Sales & Repair shop Part-time on a few weeknights or weekends. Leroy, worked at Taco Bell a few nights a week.

Before College graduation, all 4 boys entered the career center to discuss jobs and career opportunities.  

Leroy will get his degree in Health Science and become a P. E. Teacher. Matthew, will get his Law Degree and work as a lawyer at his Dads law firm soon to be renamed, McMahan & Son Law Firm.
Wang Chu will receive his computer engineering degree and work at his Dad’s company expanding the technology department. Jose will receive his business management degree and become the New Manager of his Grandfathers restaurant with goals of franchising the business in two new locations.

All Four Boys have degrees and three of the boys have business background from working in their fathers company. In the next 10 years, these 3 boys will own their business and continue to pass down business training and ownership to their children.
Plus, their family business will continue to provide cash flow for other family members as well. Therefore, everyone in the Chu’s family, McMahan family, and the Martinez family will have business growth experience and everyone wins!

Leroy Walker is the only exception to business ownership. Why? Is it because Leroy Walker is African American? Is it because Leroy wasn’t provided the same educational goals as the rest of the boys? Is it because Leroy’s parents or grandparents didn’t set up a foundation of ownership which could teach Leroy business skills to allow him to own his own business?

Whatever the case may be, one thing is obvious, as a minority, African Americans continue to lag behind in ownership, while other minority groups surpass them. 

More business development and training is needed to help African Americans to become more  successful.