Monday, March 14, 2016

BHM Showcase Success

The BHM Showcase was a phenomenal success!

Fayetteville, AR-A crowd of over 100 people gathered at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Saturday February 20 to participate in the returning of a classic of Black History and to watch Celebrity Super Stars partake the runway during the Black History Month Showcase Returns.

Ugochi Iloka, Channel 40/29
Ugochi Iloka, 40/29 Reporter and also a NWA own local celebrity was the fabulous Mistress of Ceremonies and delivered the layout of the show.

The show opened with welcome by Leora Jackson, Umoja Soul NWA Founder who described the history and purpose of the showcase by given honor and recognition to Detra and Cephoni Jackson (        ). 

Then, prayer was offered by Pastor Clint Schnekloth and the Negro National Anthem was sung by Sherri Watts.
Sherri Watts

News Clip of BHM Showcase

Then it was time for a WOW or Women or Wisdom which was done by Leora Jackson who described a woman in history who was involved in education and founded a school. An audience member answered correctly to the bio of Mary McLeod Behune who is the founder of Bethune Cookman College in Daytona Florida. 
Leora Jackson
Jimmye Whitfield

Jimmye Whitfield bio of another Woman of Wisdom was significant and described the singer Nina Simone. Apparently, this W.O.W. is making a lot of news lately due to the actress Zoe Saldana portrayal of the character and how she "Blackened up," to darken her skin and used a fake noise. I am sure W.O.W Nina Simone is twisting in her casket to undue this mishap.

Another W.O.W. was the lady of the Underground Movement Harriet Tubman read by Latrisha Harris.

The students that participated were outstanding! We had 13 Students that participated and dressed up like celebrities

The Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir did a fantastic job! The choir sung along, clapped, stomped their feet and stood up together in unity. Wow! What a performance!

The skit Vivians Freedom Song helped audience to see a little bit of slavery and how one owner decided he would not continue to harm slaves any longer, but instead, help to rescue them up north through the Underground Railroad. The stage set up was a great Oscar Winning Stage design and the actresses and actors did a believable job in convincing the audience that the times have changed. 

More to come from Vivians Freedom Song later on. 

The kids continued to model and later danced with Xtreme Achivers led by Stacy Harper. The kids all received Roses and gave them to their parents as a way to say thanks for being the star in my life.

Overall, the event was well put together with a small team. But it fit the purpose and mission of BHM to give tribute to the past and promise ahead to the future. 

Hope to see you at BHM 2017!

Here is a slideshow of the event. 

Misty Copeland

Etta James

Gabby Douglas

Maya Angelou

Michael Jackson

Rosa Parks

Oprah Winfrey

Diana Ross

Joe Louis

Aretha Franklin

Venus Williams

Muhammad Ali

Sunday, March 13, 2016

2nd Annual Fayetteville Boys and Girls Club Cultural Showcase

Mega Star Take Over!  

by Leora Jackson
Photos and Graphic Design by Danette Simmons

NWA was in for a surprise when these Celebrity Super Stars came to town:

Beyonce came to town and stood in formation at downtown Dickson St.

Taylor Swift had time to "Shake it Off," before entering the runway.

Harriet Tubman, continued to lead people to freedom from mental slavery.

Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali were separated to keep them from starting a Rumble in the Jungle!

Daisy Bates didnt' flinch as she led the Little Rock 9 into Central High School.

Selena Gomez came through town for Spring Breakers.

Rosa Parks said she was able to sit anywhere she wanted on the Greyhound bus toward Fayetteville.

Venus & Serena Williams  were spotted at the Fayetteville Athletic Club as they trained for the next US Open.

Diana Ross was asked by the Fayetteville Police Department to "Stop in the name of Love!

Oprah Winfrey said to the other celebrities, "You're Star! He's a Star! She's a Star! We're All Stars!

Ruby Bridges kept on walking to school despite the harshness of crowd outside. She said the police walked her to school everyday.

Etta James thought she would "rather go blind", but she was happy "At Last" when she walked the runway.

Michael Jackson, came to Thrill us and spin around like a Smooth Criminal before he had to Beat it!

After he moonwalked, he said, "Everybody..This is IT."

And that was all the Super Stars that graced the 2nd Annual Because of Them, We Can Cultural Showcase. 

All the Superstars and the audience joined hands and sung, "We Shall Overcome."

The Stars received their VIP Goody Bags and exited the building!

Autographs were done afterwards.

Taylor Swift and Beyonce had another engagement and did not stay for the whole performance. 

These kids did a super job!!

Thanks to the parents for their support and commitment. 

Thanks to the volunteers and support people who made it possible for these little kiddos to pretend they were stars for a day! It was really amazing!


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