Tuesday, February 16, 2016

BHM SHOWCASE 2016 Salutes Founders Detra & Cephoni Jackson

NWA BHM SHOWCASE 2016 Salutes Founders Detra & Cephoni Jackson

Detra & Cephoni Jackson, BHM Showcase Founders 2009-2012

The Black History Month Showcase is returning to NWA since the last Showcase in 2012.

The Black History Month Showcase was created by Detra Jackson in 2009. The inspiration for the annual event was born out of his desire to create an outlet for creative expression while educating the community on the rich history, culture and contributions of black people.

At that time, Northwest Arkansas was slowly becoming more culturally diverse but there was still opportunity to create awareness, especially as it related to African Americans. In the public schools Black History Month was introduced to students’ right at the time of the triangular (trans-Altlantic) trade, what we know today as slavery.

There were very few black owned businesses and many of the movies other urban areas enjoyed never made it to NWA. The city was also deprived of an urban radio station, which typically serves as a voice, vehicle and network of communication for the community in which it served.

So Mr. Detra Jackson decided to stop waiting and start creating. With the support of his wife, Cephoni Jackson, he decided to offer a cultural education and an artistic outlet to the Springdale community. 

The Jones Center, Dweling Place Church and Razorback Braces were instrumental in supporting the vision to come to pass. This event enabled people of all cultures and ethnicities to join in on the celebration. Through the Black History Month Showcase, Detra was able began to educate the community on the fact that black history predated slavery and showcased the many, great accomplishments that are still being achieved today, through one showcase at a time.

Detra, his wife and children lived in Northwest Arkansas for just over ten years. They have since relocated to the greater Los Angeles area where he continues to pursue the arts through acting and filmmaking.

Detra and Cephoni are honored and excited that Leora Jackson has taken up the mantel and continues to provide an outlet for creative expression and education to a very special community.

Umoja Soul NWA and its volunteers thank Detra and Cephoni Jackson for starting a wonderful tradition and we wish to continue the tradition through arts, expression, literacy, dance, music and educating our youth!
The Jackson Family in Los Angeles

Thanks Detra and Cephoni Jackson!! We miss you in NWA!!!

To contact Umoja Soul NWA, please email umojasoulnwa@yahoo.com. See you at the BHM Showcase on February 20 at 6pm at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

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